The Studio Session

So I got home Thursday the 31st and have been trying to go back to ordinary rhythm (staying up LATE, not sleeping until noon and eating properly…).
The studio sessions went slow but were really surprising! The wonderful
Magnus Josefsson AKA Mango is one hell of a guy and it's been great getting to know him! He has a great ear and a good understanding when I want to try stuff out. He also has good taste in instruments, microphones and amplifiers. Niklas is the guy owning the studio. He has this awesome taste in keyboards, synthesizers and organs. Great musical ear as well and I would love to let him have a go on my songs if he wishes to!
The surprising thing was "Lies of Justice House" (download original version here). We decided to do a remake of it 'cause I haven't been to satisfied with it mainly because I felt that it had a sketchy feel and the drums were annoying… Now it is a MONSTER. Deep and dark synthesizers and bubbly keys mix together with a new drum pattern I created… It could actually turn out to be danceable one day! David thought it sounded Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush and I got scared. I thought it sounded like the Knife and got REALLY scared. Not that I don't like the Knife or Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush but I don't want people to think I'm a The Knife or Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush wannabe ;o) I actually don't own a single recording by them. Well one Peter Gabriel and two Kate Bush but no the Knife... I downloaded the Knifes remix of Stina Nordenstam's "Parliament Square" and that was quite cool. Actually I get nervous when compared sometimes in a good way and sometimes not (not that often though).
We had a go on "At Least Like Melissa" as well but it's much to fresh to have a vibe to yet…
There is also this one song who none of you have heard before - "Where Shooting Stars Go". It's an old song - from about 2002 and I really feel it deserves to be heard so we'll be working A LOT on it next time!
Now that I'm home again I think I might start to finish my new demo. The working title and I think the title to be is "The Summer of Fallen Miss Takes". We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out and when it turns out ;o) I already have artwork for it!!!
I may have pictures from the Forfey Festival soon. I'll definitely post them as soon as I get them. Hopefully there will be pictures of some other bands I liked. There were in fact a whole bunch of GREAT bands! More about that later.
Now I'm going out to the kitchen to make myself a big cup of tea.
Hope you all are fine!

PS - Did I say I just LOVE the band Oppenheimer - THE GREATEST GUYS IN THE WORLD (you know you are too, David ;o)!

Posted by: Anonym

Hej Sara!
Det var så fint av dig att ringa. Jag blir gald när du hör av dig, speciellt nu när det inte är så bra med mig.
Sep 12, 2006 @ 1:19:00 AM

Posted by: Sara...

... is angry 'cause a webblogg goblin erased her latest comments... Fortunately the blog wasn't published so she could copy and paste the comments into her blog again... Grrr...

2006-09-13 @ 12:01:05
Posted by: Mango

Hej Sara!

Har du piggnat till än? Du får inte vara sjuk, ät ett äpple. Lilla Djuret kommer över med ett. Om ni vill får ni gärna komma på lunch här imorgon tisdag.


2006-09-18 @ 23:24:01

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