Stunning and Captivating

Lisa Germano March 22, Loppen, Copenhagen

It's strange seeing an artist perform her songs in front of a crowd I don't know - It's like standing naked watching her and the other people wonder why the hell am I naked (!!!). It's strange to feel that I know her well but she really doesn't know anything about me. It's always been her and me. Me in the room and her in the stereo - No one else. My feelings or her feelings? You know how certain songs seem familiar when you hear them for the first time? Not the instant-hit-familiar-and-that's-why-I've-heard-it-before feeling but more like this-is-the-song-I'm-writing-at-the-moment and because of the similarity in the feelings displayed - Therefore the connection. That's why I felt naked in front of the people there to watch her perform. It's like watching them react to her telling about my own private feelings. Will they realize there's a freak at the control panel in my head?

I've loved Lisa Germano's work since 1994-95. My favorite albums in order would be Geek the Girl, In The Maybe World and Lullaby For Liquid Pig. I gave Lisa my "wolflike they are" CD yesterday. Couldn't stay and chat 'cause I would have started crying - I was way too moved by her performance. It was a swift hello and hand shake - Thanking her for more than a decade of understanding and unity (not those words ;o)! The set - Don't know how long it was - I never checked a time telling device. I was watching the show goddamn it!!! Tears from song nr1. She knows how to emphasize the words. She's articulate so you can hear every single word she sings. It was her and a stage piano + bass player with a great feel for her songs. I can't write anymore about it. It was great. Stunning. Captivating!

Photo by: drees
Photo by: Drees

Other things that are stunning. I bought The Bird And The Bee's S/T debut album today. I've been waiting for it for a LONG time now. We were all out of them over here in Sweden - I don't know if there has ever been a lot of their albums here - I haven't heard them on the radio. Anyway - The album - It's captivating too. Except from the song "Fucking Boyfriend" - which I don't care for that much. The rest of the album is already amongst my top five albums ever! Go check them out:

The Bird and The Bee MySpace

The picture - I love cicadas - Their sound is stunning and they are captivating but in a totally different way than the ones mentioned above...



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