Here's to 2008...

Outside are fireworks - They've been going on for weeks but I guess they have been increasing the closer we get to 2008. I don't like New Years Eve... Too chaotic... But anyway - Here's to 2008.

2007 was the worst year and the best year at the same time.

The random best things of 2007:
  1. David proposing to me - Is on the top of all the best things so random comes below.
  • USA - Meeting my fathers side of the family for the first time in 10-13 years! Oh sweet reunion - I love you guys!
  • Scott Dixon (and Richard Garcia over the phone from SXSW) finally meeting again!
  • USA - Playing at at SXSW and opening for Oppenheimer in New Haven.
  • Meeting Rocky (you are an angel) of Oppenheimer with whom I've been MySpace messaging and emailing with for ages! Both Shaun and Rocky are the greatest people out there amongst bands. Yes, Gerry You are great too ;o)
  • Matt and Mike @ for being ever so supportive :o)
  • Singing on an Oppenheimer recording.
  • Meeting Dan in New York.
  • Mine you have saved me so many times.
  • Bikram Yoga Malmö finally got a permanent home!
  • Per Nordborg(?), Peter Broch, Daniel Jansson, Anders Weberg for support and words.
  • Mom - Lill Culler for financing the cover for "Miss Takes - Light The Night!" and for helping me stand up when I barely could breath...
  • Dad - George Culler for presenting me to China - Echo - Thank you too!
  • Magnus Josefsson, Anders Mortensen, Steve Glenn and Niklas Nelldal - You give the word "friend" a face.
  • Dolce Sicilia - Now that's Ice Cream!
  • Ben of Radical Face - I told you once, Ben - Your CD is one of the best!
  • Miss Takes - Light The Night!
  • Jeremy of Fingertips
  • The Bird and The Bee!
  • Jill Buxrud - You've been gone for more than a decade but now, thanks to facebook, you're back!
  • Restaurant Asien - The best Vietnamese food.
  • Amanda @ the yoga studio for being this lovely supporting soul - Thanks for the organic food!
  • Whole Foods.
  • All the great people on MySpace + my blog and now also facebook that have endorsed and supported.
  • Agneta Niemi för våra samtal om amöbor.
  • My family here in Sweden.

The random worst things of 2007:
  • The non-faces and devils playmates - You've kept me up 24/7 certain periods this year (and almost five more years but 2007 was enough). You will NEVER know how much you've hurt me with the lies and everything. I don't know if you know that I think of it EVERY day. Demons out and be gone. I wish it were that easy...
  • Not getting anymore hours at my job.
  • Cutting my left hand, index finger knuckle in a meet cutting machine taking a month to heel after the crappy handling by docs and nurses...
  • The summer of 2007 - Which summer?
  • The flue in NY.

Cheers and hugs,

Posted by: Magnus

Tack för 2007 Sara! Hoppas vi ses snart!


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