Taking it to the streets

This picture is taken from my favorite Austin blog: austindailyphoto.blogspot.com


I remember one beautiful Texas evening. We were driving around - Heading for the warm, friendly and bubbly South Congress. This was SXSW 2007 and can probably be categorized as one of THE MOST IMPORTANT TRIPS in my life. I met people that have been a strange for more than a decade. People that should have been closer 'cause they are part of me - They are my flesh and blood - My dear relatives.
Austin is a city that brews culture events and music is a HUGE part of that. You can catch high class acts all year around and great local bands at almost any diner, restaurant or bar. During SXSW Austin reaches to the extreme. Pull over for gas and you'll catch your favorite indie act playing at the gas station. Go buy flip-flop sandals 'cause your feet are warm when the first signs of Texas summer heat is starting to show and there outside Target - A band! Go have the best NY style pizza outside NY in Austin - At Home Slice Pizza and then find yourself playing there a couple of days later. 'Cause they like music in Austin - 'Cause dining out is not a dress-up-and-make-it-an-event type of thing. No. 'Cause like in all countries that are warm - We enjoy other people's company whilst doing one of the best things in life - Sharing each others company and eating.
Anywhooooo. We were sitting in my aunt's car cruising around with the windows down taking in local color. We were just about to turn onto South Congress when I heard a familiar voice singing outside - Now - This was great 'cause we were in an intersection with a lot of lights and luckily (for once) they were all red. Great music - But I was sooo struck by this non expected happening that my mind went blank - Who was this familiar voice??? As we came around the corner we saw a sign - Tonight at ??.00 Hours - ROKY ERICKSON

This is not a picture of Roky but it is the street South Congress and it's such a typical surreal sight - Did you read that - Typical surreal! He (a Russian guy touring the states!!!) just parks his van at the side of the street, makes himself a stage and plays! That's what I call taking it to the streets!




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