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This time next year.
Keep it shut.
Keep it closed.
Keep their mouths closed.
Forever hold their peace.
Forget the music.
Forget the mind.
Forget the years.
Forget the light.
Leave a written word.

Moods... ... ... David is getting his hair colored today - That's fun at least. I gave him the opportunity instead of myself 'cause he's never been to the hairdresser and I don't want to color my hair EVER again. It's been through sooo much and I've lost a lot more than half of it due to certain traumas?

I hope it turns out OK - We have been talking - Red might be the way to go.

What's happening outside? Clouds again. I haven't seen the sun for weeks - Been inside during the best days - Working? It's abnormal to live under these circumstances - No sun, WAY to cold and mostly rain, rain, rain...

Carol of the Bells by
Outputmessage = The song of the day.
Of the MySpace songs I love Bernard's Song and Sommeil.



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