January 8th, 2008

David is checking the compressor to start recording a double miced piano. The sun is out and I can see blue skies for the first time in weeks - More clouds are rolling in so it probably won't be clear for long. Dave Grohl lists six principles of a happy, successful life on msn.com - I read it - Did Dave really list this? Maya, I'm sending thoughts to you - You don't need a wicked boyfriend - No one does - You need a beautiful one. Karin, I hope your leg is better.

I heard screams outside my window and they sounded almost like fighting cats but they were Magpies (Magpie = Skata) fighting! Three of them jumping on each other pecking. I banged my window and they flew away - Shattered - A couple of meters away and stared at each other. This made me think of Lisa Germano's latest release - A WONDERFUL album. There are birds on the cover - Even a Magpie. I'm listening.

Revelation - I found out I actually like figs. I've always liked dates so one would have thought that I might have liked figs but I haven't - Until now.

I have to start working on new translations. I finished a mastodon part before Christmas and I've been reluctant to start on a new one. Not that I think that it'll be as big as the other one. It's fun but it messes with your mind. I'm translating the product text for different brands of organic and biodynamic body care. Words like revitalizing, enhance, tranquilizing and essential get stuck in your head until you find yourself walking around like a human add machine...

I have to start recording again. It's been so hard and I've been trying to pep talk myself. I found a new shitty thing about me on the I-net the other day which made me come so close to quitting everything and move to a isolated place. My dad practiced Karate. He had a 4th dan black belt and a sensei of his own in Japan. He almost converted to Zen Buddhism. This was when I was about 2. I remember it like it was yesterday. Seeing him coming up the road in front of my grandmother's house. He came from Japan. I couldn't see it was my dad. He looked like an old lady, draped in a large trench coat and a big fuzzy "old lady's knitted hat" because he had shaved off his shoulder long, wavy brown hair. I've always thought that if everything comes tumbling down - If the world becomes too much - I would crawl to a Zen Buddhist convent, never to return. My options nowadays could also include a place of yoga - Not an Ashram - Just a place close to good people and great practice.

I have great songs lying around waiting to get recorded. I have to - What else can I do.

It's totally cloudy outside. Again.



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