Thursday July 17

It's like fall - I have to force myself to go out. It's gray, windy and scattered showers. Cold. The only warmth right now sits upon my left ring finger. My wedding band.

I'm listening to friends on myspace -
Ghost in the Water - Beautiful songs and lyrics. A great band.

My friends Rocky and Shaun have a band called Oppenheimer - They have a new album out that is awesome - Buy it!

Last Saturday David and I went to Copenhagen to team up with Anders Mortensen, good friend and genius photographer, to take photos for artwork to the upcoming split vinyl between Sara Culler and David & the Citizens. I don't know if David will call himself David & the Citizens on the single but his song was recorded in that name. We'll see.

I turn 30 on July 23rd - Wednesday next week. About a month ago I got a surprising letter from one of the biggest daily newspapers here in Sweden - Sydsvenska Dagbladet. They wanted to do a birthday tribute article about me. Today at 11.00 they called me up for an interview and we talked for about an hour. Unfortunately I didn't have any recent photographs to send in so they'll dig something out of the archive. I hope the have good taste. I have a tendency to look like an ass in photographs… The ones they took about a year ago turned out good and I think they are the ones they are choosing from. They said that it will be in on Saturday July 19th already so keep an eye open!

I can't believe it - I turn 30 - Where the hell did these past ten years go? These years are supposed to be the best in your life! I know I have wasted a lot of time on meaningless and evil people - Trying to make them like me and not realizing up until now what a meaningless project that was when they don't even know how to like themselves. They only identify the "liking" of themselves when it comes to how many so called friends they have on myspace or facebook and the only way to get along or find a "deeper" relation - To feel unison - Is to share the same hate towards certain people. Sharing bullshit. Cheers! Hopefully I've learned something from these ugly ten years…

On my 30th birthday, Wednesday July 23rd it'll be one month to the departure to Austin, Texas, USA. Home sweet home! It's going to be sooo great! Far away but so close to heart! Home is where your heart lies, right?


Photo taken by David F.


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