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It's a strange thing internet. What an archive. Lots to find... Today I stumbled upon things from what is turning out to be a very dirty, dingy past. I saw photos with interactions enhanced by comments and more vivid explanations in text. How I was right with my gut feelings at the time. Sometimes it's like I feel that I have an unexplored sixth sense - Knowing the hidden intentions and interactions of people - A sense that I'd rather live without. But hey - Superheroes don't always like their powers right?

I wish my sixth sense would be a mind that could cut through clouds - 'Cause Malmö is GRAY. Gravity pulls down and is assisted by the gray and damp pressuring down upon faces of the Swedish people. No smiles, no twinkle in their eyes. It's easy to become one of them. It's easy to become a zombie-like figure who crawls around town in black, beige, dark blue or brown winter jackets. Forgotten all about colors. Only when they once or twice a year buy a ticket to some place somewhere around the Mediterranean or Thailand. That's when they kind of wake up - Only to return to normal on the flight home. It's a heavy load being a Swede - I don't blame them.

Pods. That's right. They are captured in pods. This is why they don't let the truth shine through. And my sixth sense is that I can see through their pods. The dirty and dingy that's being revealed. I wish they were more honest in their life. It would make things a lot easier - It would have made things a LOT easier in the past. I try to be "what you see is what you get" - I don't change that much in different environments. I'm pretty much the same at home, when I'm at a party or when I'm sweating in the yoga studio. I don't change that much in interactions with different people. I don't hide feelings, opinions and thoughts inside - One way or another they come out. The hardest part is to not be affected by the lies and evil that comes out of the others. I try to think - It'll be their problem to live with the lies and knowledge knowing the hurt some of them have caused. I try to be happy, keep a smile close by and a twinkle in my eye - It works most of the time. I can't be dishonest and I don't hide in a pod. Because of my superhero powers I can't but I will always be able to see you...

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Hi Sweetie! I am glad to hear you are acutely aware of the dingy and stalwart Swedes... hence nowhere near close to becoming one of them! I know the feeling - as the dead of winter approaches, smiles are seemingly outlawed, feels criminal to exchange pleasantries. Definitely numbing. So wonderful you are leaving soon to return to the good ole USA! You bring a great vibe! And a special soul... Ps. I did send you sunbeams from Mexico but I guess they didn't make it. Must have been some jonesing Swede somewhere who slurped them up.... Warm hugs from southern climes :) Hope to see you again... Stay strong

2008-11-26 @ 04:46:38

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