I'm moving back to Texas, baby!

Well. What I have been wanting for so long is now a fact. I'm moving back to Texas and I'm taking my lovely husband David and our beautiful black cat Beppe with me! We are leaving at the end of July! But I will of course keep on with this page! The city of Austin, Texas will be our new home.

There is a lot of hope and optimism with this move. I might even start to feel inspired again when leaving this cold and uninspiring climate. Start to write songs again and even record the hit songs I wrote but never felt the trust and self-esteem in almost two years ago.

It will be nice to go out to have a beer and watch a band again - Not hiding and avoiding bad-wishers and ill-seekers. Feeling life evolve, inspire and progress - Not the opposite. Not being in the shadow, not being ignored but being in the light, being acknowledged.

I look forward to the sun a lot. Not feeling like I've stepped out of a cave as soon as spring hits - Just like everybody does here. Depraved. I look forward to kindness and open arms. Good food and great company. I will miss family and friends here but they will always be there for me 'cause they are equally as good as the sun.

I already feel more inspired - Who knows what might come out before we depart!

Hugs to all of you,

Posted by: Juliana

Hi Sara! This is so exciting that you are coming back to the states! :) I just resurrected my blog from long ago... it's not especially peppy at the moment but hey, I thought u might be interested...

xoxo J

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