I'm still worried

When will I ever feel comfortable enough to start to make music again and when will I ever feel the courage to be on stage?

I pay 650 Swedish Kronor (77 US Dollars) for one 45 minute therapy session/week. That is 2600 Swedish Kronor/month which is 31200 Swedish Kronor/year (307 US Dollars/month and 3688 US Dollars/year). Holy CRAP! This is a LOT of money - Money I still think THEY should pay + then some for the damage done…

Will this move help? I'm sure it will help some but I will NEVER forgive nor forget. Not that I think that they would ever have the self-insight to realize how much wrong they've done, but anyway… Let's all blame the witch and let her burn. And all the stupid ones are left to believe the lies that are out there… But just like The X-Files' Mulder said -
"The truth is out there". The truth is out ther too... You just need to ask the right source - But people haven't… Not with the right intentions anyway...

Posted by: JustPassingBy

THEY being who?

2009-05-07 @ 16:55:18
Posted by: Sara

"They" being the wolflike ones. The ones who really disliked Melissa enough to freeze her out and tear her apart until that day came when she was so cold inside and nobody knew if she was dead, alive or just sleeping...

Anonymous person gets cryptic answer ;O)

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