Well, I took the step...

Honestly. After finally having to take the step into the "real" world of publicity I still can't help feeling kind of out of my own "habitat".
This past decade I've been alone with my thoughts and songwriting. Well, that's not entirely true.
Once upon a time there was a little song that lived on a fine little compilation CD called The Amazing Grace Sampler. The song was called "Once Again, Someone Else". This little song was, five years later, joined by a demo EP called "Five Song Demo". Some of you may have heard of them…
All this has now come to pass and is, in my head, filed under history. Hopefully they will be available in the future…


This is my first written public appearance.
This will be the forum for you and me.
More will be posted.
This is just a start, a brief hello and
~~~ I'll see you later…

Posted by: antistars

Hej Sara,

welcome to the www.

The antistars from Germany

2005-11-03 @ 13:22:57
Posted by: Rahel

Hej Sara. I´m really looking forward to hear more about you and your world


2005-11-03 @ 13:24:32
Posted by: Sara

Wow. That sure was quick! Way to go Germany ;-)
Thanx for being there!

Posted by: Manuel

Nice thing ... Looking forward to more news from you!

Take care!

2005-11-03 @ 13:29:22
URL: http://www.just50.at
Posted by: Jesper

Klart att tjejen ska ha en blogg!
Kram. Hälsa mannen.

2005-11-03 @ 13:33:43
Posted by: mc hot lovin'

Festligt. Hoppas du håller ut längre i cyberrymden än din slöa syrra. C ya around.

2005-11-03 @ 13:58:54
Posted by: Sara

Hallå riddare Cato!
Syrran nöjjesbloggade. Jag ska själv försöka yrkesblogga ;-)
Det du!
Ha det finast!

2005-11-03 @ 14:26:07
URL: http://saraculler.webblogg.se
Posted by: ann1

ok.Nu väntar vi på en massa bra musik också;)!

2005-11-03 @ 15:12:38
Posted by: Jim

Welcome to the blogosphere Sara, I'll be sure and drop by each day. We haven't heard the 5 songs you write of...how can we remedy that?

2005-11-03 @ 17:12:29
URL: http://www.parasol.com
Posted by: Sara

YIKES!!! Each day!?! Woops - We'll have to wait and see there, but please, do not be disappointed if I can't fulfill your expectations. But I promis you - You'll get a hold of my songs one way or another ;-) They are soon to come...

2005-11-03 @ 18:27:05
URL: http://saraculler.webblogg.se
Posted by: craig

I join my fine swedish music loving coleagues in saying hello (hej?) and welcome. let me know when music is online and I will surely link to it


2005-11-03 @ 20:33:10
URL: http://www.swedesplease.blogspot.com
Posted by: David

Fan att jag inte fick vara först...jag är ledsen min älskling, men jag hann inte. Det är på tiden att du fick en blogg, en plats på nätet, en liten atmosfär som bara är din. En fin plats. Lägg ut en låt och låt alla höra! Det är för bra för att bara vara hemligt hela tiden.
Kärlek från mig till dig. Alltid. Puss/ din David

2005-11-04 @ 14:30:36
Posted by: Sara

Hi Craig! I'll absolutely let you know when the music is online! Thanx for dropping by!

David kära David. Jag hann inte heller, egentligen. Middagen blev ju bra (trots att jag höll på att vänsterprassla med min blogg hela tiden ;-)
Kärlek från mig till dig också. Alltid. Puss/ din Sara

2005-11-04 @ 15:49:38
Posted by: Syrran

Jaja, hej ännu kokar det i bloggvärlden. Det Är självfallet att Sara ska ha en! O det ska bli intressant att se vad som kommer postas här i framtiden.
Ps Cato o Sara.. Jag är fortfarande aktuell! Fast på andras sidor... /Felicia

2005-11-04 @ 17:50:59
Posted by: Sara

;-) Vicious Flash Gordon!

2005-11-04 @ 20:36:59
Posted by: Jason and the Argiebargie Nots

Sara is the IT wiz of Amaterasu HQ - that's the truth. I reckon david can melt a PC just by looking at it....if we push him hard enough, he may one day reveal this truth! Go on Sara...make him!

Personally wanna say "welcome", and also, if anyone has the White Van EP - it may not be so obvious, but Sara's cut is simply divine.

If you don't know what I am a talking about then get yur copy and play on repeat (my average on repeat is 6 spins)

hey Da

2005-11-04 @ 22:57:06
Posted by: Lucas Scheffold

Tack för fin konsert sist på Kafé Deluxe i Växjö.
Tråkig och skitjobbig publik men fin musik och det är vad jag själv bryr mig om.
Tack för skivorna, fina låtar, både dina och Davids
(hälsa honom det)
Stå på er! för ni gör jätte fin musik!

2005-12-29 @ 14:54:29
URL: http://home.swipnet.se/scheffold
Posted by: Sara & David

Hej Lucas!
TACK det värmer!
Ja, det var jättejobbig publik men så blir det ju ibland... Hoppas att du fick en trevlig jul och att ditt nya år blir fint också!
Sara & David

2005-12-29 @ 16:03:01

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